Wild Weeds

      A while back I purchased the vacant lot behind my house. When I purchased the lot it was covered with bushes and there was quite an assortment of junk and litter scattered around the property. Clearing away the bushes was a lot of work and in the process of removing the bushes and cleaning up the lot, I found quite a few surprising items. In fact, it was a little like I was conducting some kind of archeological project as I uncovered objects which had been hidden for years by the bushes, some of which were half buried in the dirt. Items I found included a computer monitor, toys, various types of balls, a bed frame, bolts, broken plates, assorted novelty items, empty containers, bottles, cans, lots of broken glass, and a full assortment of generic, ordinary litter. Quite possibly the most interesting item I found was a little, yellow, rubber duck, which I excavated after noticing something yellow sticking up out of the ground. It was for the most part in good shape, although it was extremely dirty.


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Found in the dirt in a vacant lot
A lucky find or maybe not
A little rubber duck is what I got
Dirty Ducky!

I decided to keep him just for a laugh
He might look good after a bath
A little rubber friend is good to have
Dirty Ducky!

Dirty Ducky!
Dirty Ducky!

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