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Dirty Socks

      Dirty socks and hiking go together like cactus and the desert, trees and a forest, or fish in a stream. It's only natural to get a little dirty while hiking on dusty trails and socks and shoes get extra exposure to any dirt kicked up in the process of hoofing it down a trail. People hike for a number of reasons. Some just want to get out deep into the wilderness. Others wish to observe native flora and fauna. There are those who like to fish in wild mountain streams and stringers. And, of course, there are those who like to climb to the summits of mountains. This video features pictures taken on five hikes which took me to the following peaks: Waucoba Mountain (11,123 feet), Olancha Peak (12,133 feet), Cirque Peak (12,900 feet), Mount Langley (14,026 feet), and Kern Peak (11,520 feet). All of the hikes were a lot of fun, although strenuous at times, and on each hike I wound up with dirty socks!

Dirty Socks (Bistorta bistortoides)


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Ramshaw Meadows Abronia


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There must be a hundred ways
To climb a lonely mountain peak
And such a hike I recommend
If solitude is what you seek

Up the mountain, step by step
Could bring pleasure or pain
Pretty pictures, tremendous views
And elevation gain

Although it might be nice to stop
You keep on climbing to the top

Obstacles along the way
Be they bears or rocks
Might slow you down, but in the end
You'll probably have dirty socks

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