Wild Weeds
Them Thar Hills

      Many people don't realize that donkeys are not native to North America. Donkeys are actually an invasive species which causes severe environmental degradation. Not only do they denude the landscape of vegetation when their numbers become too great, they also displace native species such as deer, antelope, and big horn sheep. For this reason, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) must reduce the number of donkeys roaming in the wilderness periodically. At one time this included shooting donkeys (sometimes from helicopters), but due to public disapproval of such practices, they now round up donkeys and encourage the public to adopt them. The expense of such operations is great, but the public insists on humane methods of population control and so money must be spent to deal with the issue. Otherwise, donkey populations will get out of control and not only will the environment be devastated, but many donkeys will starve as a result.


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Munching on vegetation
They keep a watchful eye
They seldom miss a thing
Until the day they die

They wonder 'round the desert
Making donkey pies
Great big mounds build up
Attracting lotsa flies

There's no great donkey heaven
Up there in the sky
Them thar hills is where
Donkeys go to die

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