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Difference Of Two Squares (DOTS)

      Many high school students regard algebra, geometry, and trigonometry as the most enjoyable classes they take during their high school years. Although it helps to have a good teacher, these subjects are very appealing to students who think logically and have good pattern recognition abilities. Of course, the numbskulls in Sacramento have gone out of their way to make these classes as unenjoyable as possible. They have worked with publishers to develop curriculum which discourages those who intuitively understand mathematical concepts and have gone out of their way to burden students with irrelevant exercises and activities which undermine their enthusiasm for math in general. Of course, this has all been done in the name of making math more accessible to students who are naturally turned off by math. The result has been that fewer students wind up succeeding in math! We can always count on the numbskulls in Sacramento to make a bad situation worse!


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Dots can be periods
Dots can be disks
Dots can expand and
Become asterisks

Duh duh duh duh (x4) DOTS!
Duh duh duh duh (x4) DOTS!

Dots can be freckles or
Stars up in the sky
Dots can be connected or
Float above an I

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