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Evil Doves

      More doves! I kicked off 2012 with two songs/videos featuring doves and this video added yet another song/video featuring doves! The Chinese New Year was celebrated the week this video was released and I believe that for the Chinese it was the Year of the Dragon, but for me it was the Year of the Dove, or at least so it seems. Oddly enough, the Chinese do not include doves as one of their twelve creatures which represent their calendar. They use horses, goats, monkeys, roosters, dogs, pigs, rats, oxen, tigers, rabbits, dragons, and snakes, but no doves! Of course, they also leave out elephants, llamas, giraffes, turtles, eagles, and a long list of other animals too and so it's not terribly surprising that doves were left off the list! Anyways, despite their calm and peaceful appearance, doves are evil! And that's all I have to say about doves, at least for now!


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Evil doves up in a tree
Listening to the whispering breeze
Going along with the flow
Hanging out on my patio

Evil Doves - Look at me
Evil Doves - Are the enemy

Happy to scrounge up a little food
Their smug demeanor is almost rude
Gulping water from a bowl
Their evil eyes - black as coal

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