Wild Weeds
Drone Wars

      Drones and remote control flying objects will be all over the place pretty soon if certain people have their way. Some would say that they're a recipe for disaster and others would assert that they're the solution to at least some of our problems. Whether they're actually a problem or a solution is hard to say at this point, but they have nonetheless attracted a lot of interest and provoked much speculation. In this video we see the President and Vice President hunting down a bunch of duck hunters who look a little too much like terrorists for their own good. Unfortunately, an innocent duck hunter also gets attacked by the drone at the end, but collateral damage is most likely unavoidable. So, the lesson to be learned from this "teachable moment" is that you've gotta take the good with the bad, or something like that!


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Kicking back, playing games
Pop corn and soda and a list of names
Enemy targets shown on the screen
Low down and dirty and worse than mean

Drone wars (x6)

Flying behind enemy lines
Coach potato warriors lacking spines
Unconfirmed suspect shoot to kill
Collateral damage what a thrill!

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