Wild Weeds
Drunk Mormons

      Although Mormon missionaries normally work together to gain converts to their religion, these guys are actually a bit more competitive, but they are, nonetheless, attempting to win converts, so to speak. A lot has been said about Romney being a Mormon, and about Obama being connected to Islam in some way and also to the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Religious affiliation probably won't be the main issue during this election campaign, but it is an issue that will probably get mentioned at least to some extent since these issues tend to get people all excited and crazy. On top of that, there are issues, such as abortion and sexual preference, that are closely linked with the topic of religion that will probably also be discussed at some point before the election in November!


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I gotta couple Mormons
Drunk the other day
I tried not to laugh
Until they pedaled away

Two drunk Mormons
Pedaling around the streets
The lemonaid I served them
Was a most special treat

They got pulled over
By a traffic cop
It was a spastic situation
I hoped would never stop

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