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Duck Hunters Ruined Christmas

      Not everyone enjoys the winter holiday season. There are even those who would be happy if Christmas were to be cancelled altogether. Usually such people are villainized in fictional presentations. For instance, there have been many movies featuring the Scrooge character created by Charles Dickens from the book A Christmas Carol. In fact, Disney built a movie around a character known as Scrooge McDuck. In this movie Scrooge McDuck exhibited the usual anti-Christmas attitude and was also endowed with miserly tendencies and even a Scottish accent. Although it's hard to say how Scrooge McDuck and duck hunters from Louisiana might get along, there is a distinct possibility that they might strike a deal as illustrated in the video embedded on this page. Watch the video to see how Scrooge McDuck is able to achieve two objectives with a single payoff!


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Duck hunters ruined Christmas
This year for all the kids
They shot down Santa's reindeer
Those stupid nasty dwids

Shots rang out on Christmas Eve
And down fell Santa's sleigh
What would have been full of joy
Was now a somber day

No presents for the children
Were found underneath the tree
Those evil hunters of the ducks
Had robbed Christmas of its glee

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