Wild Weeds
Hiking Ducks

      This video features a few ducks that I met while on a trip back to Rome, Georgia, during the Spring of 2011. They previously appeared in my "Trip to Georgia" video for a total of four seconds. I decided that four seconds wasn't enough and so I made a video just for them! Of course, it is a pretty silly video which includes an exceptionally lame joke towards the end, but I haven't heard my feathered friends complain about the my sense of humor, at least not yet!


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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Hiking in the water
Hiking in the sand
Hiking everywhere
Getting out of hand

Hiking in the pond
Hiking in a stream
Hiking in some crazy
Psychedelic dream!

You might say they waddle around
Looks to me like they're hiking around

Hiking like a lumberjack
Cutting down a tree
Hiking in a way you
Probably shouldn't see

Hiking like a dentist
Who forgot to floss
Hiking cuz they want to
Hiking like a boss!

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