Wild Weeds

      Although enthusiasm is often regarded as a good thing, there is no doubt that enthusiastic people can be extremely annoying. People who are overly eager to please authority figures or conform to unreasonable demands or buy into values and beliefs which are of questionable authenticity can be seriously exasperating. Although some may regard these enthusiastic individuals as good examples, positive role models, or even as inspirational shining stars, the truth is that they are contemptuous imbeciles, deserving only scorn and ridicule. Nevertheless, they have their supporters and as such receive undeserved admiration and encouragement. Often they wind up as political leaders, community organizers, self-help gurus, or motivational speakers and although they are seen as positive influences, the truth is that they more often than not cause conditions to deteriorate. Although many proverbs and aphorisms are hallow and false, one that rings true is as follows: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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She is what I'd call a cesspool of enthusiasm
Everything that she did was like a cheerful spasm
No matter what I said, she'd ignore my sarcasm
Even when I was rude her smile was like an endless chasm

Enthusiasm - Infectious they say
Enthusiasm - Lights up your day!

Pep talks, affirmations, and positive attitudes
Corporate propaganda and empty platitudes
Supported by fake statistics to legitimize
Their simple-minded world view and prozac-fueled lies

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