Wild Weeds
False Alarm

      People have a tendency to take things too seriously and the same thing goes for trees. The trees in this video see a guy carrying a chainsas moving menacingly amongst them and the immediately assume that it's all about them. As it turns out the guy has no intention of harming the trees at all. He has something else in mind. Call it paranoia or just preparing for the worst and hoping for the best or maybe it's just a tendency to imagine the worst case scenario. Either way often our worst fears never materialize and our anxieties are completely baseless. However, don't let that comforting prospect keep you from obsessing over all the possible ways that things can go from bad to worse! After all, much of the joy in life is the feeling of relief experienced when things when things turn out better than expected!


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He might look scary and
He might look insanely mean
He might appear to be
The most evil guy you've ever seen

But he's not after you
He won't do you any harm
He's after something else
This is what is known as a false alarm

He might be a psycho killer
And evil to the core
He might be on the prowl
But you're not what he's looking for

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