Wild Weeds
Family Food Fight Day

      This video is about making the most of a bad situation. The unfortunate reality is that many family gatherings degenerate into arguments and fights. Most gatherings involve food in one way or another and so sometimes the quarrels which develop result in food flying through the air and hitting other people involved in the spat. Sometimes the food is even directly violently rubbed upon some part of another person. Obviously Thanksgiving Day is one day on which family gatherings occur and on which unpleasant disagreements develop. So, since arguments are inevitable, why not anticipate the problem and turn the problem into a celebration. Hence the proposal to change Thanksgiving Day into Family Food Fight Day. Problem solved. Thank you very much!


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Trade boring tradition for a lotta fun
Pour some gravy on your daughter and more on your son
That stain on the sofa is here to stay
Cuz it's family food fight day!

We're not gonna eat granny's slaw
We're not gonna sing Kumbaya
We don't give a damn about tooth decay
Cuz it's family food fight day!

So grab a couple of yams, grab a loaf of bread
Hit your mom on her bottom and your dad on the head
There's plenty of ammo at a buffet
On family food fight day!

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