Wild Weeds
The Art of Fart

      I've never been a big fan of fart humor, but flatulence is a topic which does have quite a bit of comedic potential and so I put together this song/video presentation. While in real life farts are invisible, the farts in this video appear as semi-transparent green bubbles which emanate from the backsides of some of the characters portrayed in this cartoon. The bubbles slowly grow and eventually reach the nostrils of other characters in a particular scene and then the characters react in a number of ways. For the most part the responses to the offending odor are merely expressions of disgust, but there are two deaths, unfortunately. Although gaseous emissions produced by the human digestive system stink horribly, they are not usually considered to be toxic fumes, despite the two fatalities depicted in this animated song/video extravaganza!


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There are many places you should not fart
Everybody should do their part
To keep the air fresh and clean
Refrain from farting, if you know what I mean

When it comes to fart
It's best to be smart
There's a lot to know
About the art of fart

If you find yourself on a big ole farm
Cutting loose will do no harm
But if you wind up in the middle of a crowd
It's best not to fart - at least not out loud!

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