Wild Weeds
Fatt Matt

      A lot of people object to humor which can be seen as making fun of overweight individuals. I agree that teasing a specific person about his or her weight is not appropriate. However, comedy material that pokes fun at the obese is perfectly acceptable in my humble opinion. It's fairly easy to find plenty of examples of such humor in movies, songs, books, and jokes, and so I think any reasonable person would agree that not only is humor about fat people common, but that it is also something most people enjoy or at least tolerate. Of course, there are those among us who object to such humor and complain that they are offended by jokes that can be seen as denigrating obese people. My feeling is that such people are overly sensitive and that they should tolerate such jokes without complaint. After all, if a topic were deemed inappropriate everytime anyone indicated that they were offended, then eventually there would be nothing left to joke or even talk about!


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Fat Matt the sumo wrestler
Weighs eight hundred pounds
And when he isn't sleeping
He's always chowing down

He instantly devours
Whatever he can touch
When will he ever realize
That he weighs too gosh darn much?!!

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