Wild Weeds
Flower Talk

      It's hard to say what flowers would talk about if they were capable of communicating with us, but assuming that they actually did decide that the enlightenment of the human race was a worthwhile cause, what would they say? Of course, it's probably not reasonable to assume that there would be a consensus amoung all the different species of flowers as to what message to convey to us mere humans and so it's probably the case that there would be quite a bit of disagreement as to what to tell us. After all, even in this brief video over a dozen different species of flowers are presented and what they'd like to talk about is almost certainly just as diverse as their various physical appearances. So many shapes, so many colors, it seems improbable that they would agree on anything. Come to think of it, flowers are quite a bit like people in that regards.


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Smell the roses when you're feeling lazy
But think before you pick a daisy
Stop and listen for a clue
Let the flowers talk to you

Every flower has a story
A secret it might share
Mysteries could unfold
Listen if you dare

Listen to the flowers talk
Swaying in the breeze on a sunny day
Listen to the flowers talk
You might wanna hear what they have to say

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