Wild Weeds
Little Foam Darts

      Summer can be long and boring or it can be full of fun, and one of the most enjoyable activities which kids entertain themselves with during summer vacation is shooting little foam darts. Whether shooting at targets, pets, friends, family members, or unsuspecting birds, shooting of little foam darts is an activity which is highly likely to keep kids pleasantly occupied for hours and hours. Of course, kids who move beyond simple target shooting might wish to engage in battles involving dozens of other kids; and truly advanced foam dart fanatics (aka, Nerf nerds) might even move on to make videos showcasing their exploits in real foam dart battles or in carefully choreographed skirmishes, full of little foam darts flying through the air. An added bonus is that foam darts are fairly safe, and although they are propelled at high velocity like most projectiles, they are extremely unlikely to cause bodily injury or damage to property.


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This world is full of things to do
Stuff to watch and food to chew
But better still than jokes 'bout farts
Is shooting things with little darts

A friendly battle any time
In the safety of your home
Attacking pets and shooting things
With little darts of foam

Nerds around the world unite
Engage in playful war
Rampage around the home all night
Foam darts forever more

Terrorize the neighborhood
With little darts of foam
Conquer the entire world
With little darts of foam

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