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What Is Your Favorite Food?

      Most people have very little difficulty identifying their favorite food. For instance, my favorite food, without a doubt, is ice cream. Although some people may produce a short list of favorite foods and claim that they can't select a single favorite from the list, it is likely that the majority of people can identify a single favorite item. As the song lyrics indicate, the question concerning one's favorite food is "kinda personal," but it's also a personal question most people don't hesitate to answer, given an appropriate social situation. While personal predilections and matters of taste are quite subjective in nature, it seems that there are maybe a couple dozen foods that are highly likely to be identified as personal favorites. This, of course, is most likely due to, as also stated in the song lyrics, the fact that "one thing we all have in common is our desire to feed."


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I know it may not seem important
It may seem trivial indeed
But one thing we all have in common
Is our desire to feed

I know it's kinda personal
And it may be kinda crude
But I wonder if you'd tell us
What is your favorite food?

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