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Playing With Your Food

      There's a time and a place for almost everything and such is the case when it comes to playing with your food. In certain situations it is simply rude to play with your food. At other times there is no time to dilly dally and food must be eaten efficiently and in a timely manner. In other settings making a mess is simply not an option. And so it is with good reason that parents often tell their children not to play with their food. However, there are times when such activity is permissible and impulses to goof off while eating should be indulged. In fact, it is the case that there are all sorts of creative things that people do with food in one way or the other. Sometimes games are played with food. Other times playful and sometimes artistic creations are made out of food items. Even spontaneous and fun experiments often involve food items. So, as is the case with most things, sometimes it's not a good idea to play with your food, but at other times there's no reason not to.


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Do some jiggles with your jello, make a river with your juice
Dye your eggs and ham green just like Dr. Suess
Fold it, fill it, and top it too
Then throw it in the blender so you won't have to chew!

Playing with your food is awesome, baby
Playing with your food is lots of fun
Play a game with apples and bananas
Then eat 'em all up when you are all done

Sort out all your food by color, shape, or size
Then send it through the air and see how far it flies
Chop it up, stack it up, roll it all around
But don't let your food ever touch the ground

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