Wild Weeds
Fortune Cookie

      Fortune cookies are kind of fun and the messages they contain can range from prudent to ridiculous. Many times these messages are traditional Chinese pearls of wisdom, but it is also the case that fortune cookies potentially contain surprises in the form of truisms, platitudinous ponderosities, jokes, catchphrases, slogans, common expressions, pithy axioms, or plain old-fashioned advice. The video for the song on this page includes many examples of such messages. Left out of the video were x-rated messages and other sayings that might appeal to the dirty-minded. After all, this video is meant to appeal to a general audience and not a bunch of degenerates!

It should be noted that a simple program called fortune is included on many implementations of Unix-based operating systems. The program can be run from the command line or it can be used in scripts to generate messages at prespecified times, such as when a user logs onto the system.


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You might find a funny joke
In a fortune cookie
Or words of some crazy bloke
In a fortune cookie

Here's a list that's kind of long
Come and take a lookie
You never know what you'll find
In a fortune cookie

Sumpthin' mean or sompthin' nice
In a fortune cookie
You might find some good advice
In a fortune cookie

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