Wild Weeds
Fresh Snow On The Ground

      This song was inspired by a Sierra Nevada snowstorm I experienced during late March 2020. The first day of spring had passed and most of the snow in the area had melted, but overnight all that changed. When I got up and looked outside the next morning there was six inches of fresh, fluffy snow everywhere within sight. It was quite pretty and very light and powdery. As such it was easy to drive through and to push off solar panels. Considering that we had a very dry January and February, it was odd to have such a productive storm in March, but the extra moisture will certainly help with plant growth and the water table and so it was definitely a good thing most anyway you look at it. This video was shot while I drove down a dirt road at an elevation of about 6800 feet. A couple times in the video snow can be seen falling off of tree boughs. I was hoping for more of that sort of thing, but I was happy that I at least got a little of that in the video.


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Fluffy, white, soft, and light
Fresh snow on the ground
It all fell overnight
Fresh snow on the ground
It floated down from dark skies
And landed without a sound
And what I saw at sunrise was
Fresh snow on the ground
Early spring gentle snow
Fresh snow on the ground
Winter's slow at letting go
Fresh snow on the ground

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