Wild Weeds
Frisky Horse

      Please excuse the use of the slang term for female dogs at the beginning of this song/video! I just couldn't resist that corny joke! But, be that as it may, this song is mostly about a cowboy and a horse he hopes to tame and ride some day. His dream is that the horse will eventually become more gentle and cooperative if he provides her with plenty of oats and hay, and maybe an occasional carrot, as a special treat! In the meantime, the female dogs are providing him with plenty of emotional support and they also do a pretty good job of howling backup vocals in the song! That's not to say that the cowboy and the dogs are likely to make an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry anytime soon, or even on a stage at a county fair, for that matter, but they do sing their hearts out in this little tune!


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Down at the stables there's a frisky horse
And she likes to nibble on a carrot of course
You know I treat her well, I feed her oats and hay
I think she's gonna give me a ride, maybe some day!


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