Wild Weeds
Fritillaria pinetorum

      Pinewood Fritillary is a California endemic, which of course means that it only grows in California. It is primarily found in the Sierra Nevada range, but other populations exist in other mountainous areas in the southern half of California. The specimens shown in the video were found in the South Sierra Wilderness area. More specifically, they were found in Hooker Meadow and Albanita Meadow not far from the small town of Kennedy Meadows. Both of these meadows are located at an elevation above 8000 feet, which makes sense since the elevation range for Fritillaria pinetorum is considered to be from 5900 to 10,500 feet where they are found in the following plant communities: Yellow Pine Forest, Red Fir Forest, Lodgepole Forest, and Subalpine Forest. This perennial herb is considered to be somewhat rare due to its limited distribution.

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Camouflaged, green and brown
Or yellow-mottled purple
With narrow, straight or curly leaves
Six tepals in a circle

Growing in a mountain meadow
Hidden in plain sight
Grasses grow and breezes blow
Exotic delight

A good snack for a butterfly
Or a bumblebee
Fritillaria pinetorum
In the Lily Family

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