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The Sweetest Fudge

      It's always a lot of fun to write smart-alecky songs commemorating certain holidays, and Valentine's Day is probably at the top of the list of such holidays. For this song I more or less reworked an idea from a few years ago. The previous song was called "Fresh Brownies" and it was a sarcastic presentation for a fake product made out of donkey droppings, which are sometimes referred to as "fresh brownies" or "road apples" in these parts. What ever you call them, when placed inside a heart-shaped box, they make a wonderful gag gift for Valentine's Day! The new song is more or less the same as the old song, except it features an entirely different tune and set of lyrics. Also the fresh brownies have become sweet fudge. BTW, another one of my songs with a funny Valentine's Day theme is called "VD Song" and I think the title for that one is pretty self-explanatory!


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Freshly gathered off the ground
The best darn donkey turds around
Scooped up and sliced to size
Fresh and tasty delicious pies

A gift you will not wanna miss
For those named on your special list
To get beyond that nasty grudge
I suggest the sweetest fudge

Show you care and so much more
Delivered with love to the door
Just go online and order some
It's the perfect gift for worthless scum!

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