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      Although the song is called "Funny" it's really not very funny. It's actually more of a reflection on the way that some people find specific videos entertaining and humorous, while other people find the same videos objectionable or something other than funny. While most people are tolerant of these differences, there are those who can't resist the urge to be critical! There's no accounting for taste and different people have different predilections when it comes to comedy and humor. Some people enjoy satire, others are fond of parodies, and then there's slapstick, irony, and what is sometimes called "blue" or risque humor. Some people like all of the different types of comedy and others have very narrow preferences and so attempting to be funny has its risks.


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I need a little clarification
I'm not too sure what you mean
Funny can be just plain silly
Or funny can be obscene

Funny may be what you ask for
But funny may not be what you get
Cuz the funny that makes me laugh
May be the lamest joke that you've heard yet

Oh, so funny

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