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Funny Pictures

      The song is called "Funny Pictures" and there's a little bit of a story behind it. It was back in 2003 that I first visited the group of aspens featured in the video. They inspired a song that I subsequently wrote in 2007. However, it took me until July of 2012 to make the video since the aspens with the etchings on them are located in central Nevada and I just hadn't gotten around to visiting them until last week. While there I reclimbed Arc Dome, which I first climbed back in the early 1990s, but back then I climbed it from the opposite side of the range. While the aspen etchings in this video have some historic significance, it should be considered to be a form of vandalism to disfigure trees in this manner nowadays.


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Who made these funny pictures
On these trees?
Why did they leave them here
As their legacy?

Did they mean to leave a message
Or some kind of warning sign?
Did they think that they were funny
Or just artists of some kind?

Lines scratched in bark of
Pale white aspens
Misleading hints of
What may have happened

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