Wild Weeds
Flowers Yet To Come

      Desert annual wildflowers are often referred to as ephemerals for the simple reason that they have very short lifespans. Harsh desert conditions prevail most of the year, but during a few short months during the spring it is possible for quick growing annuals to develop sufficiently so as to be able to support flowers which in turn produce seeds. Once the seeds are shed onto the ground, there they sit and wait for many long months during which time harsh conditions prevail. Finally, after eight or so months, with a little luck, sufficient moisture accumulates and the seeds germinate and live long enough to produce another generation of their species. The process is quite miraculous considering the aridness of the desert and plants which can survive desert extremes are quite unique and even improbable.


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Dune Evening Primrose Information

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A song I heard sung by the breeze
While navigating sandy seas
Told of a life spent mostly waiting
For conditions less enervating

Eight months as a tiny seed

Environmental circumstances
So unique - what are the chances?
Be conscious of the chords you strum
And pray for flowers yet to come

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