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      Snow geese show up in southern states during the winter and head north during the spring to their summer breeding grounds. Snow geese who winter in southern California are most likely to breed in northern Alaska, but some may breed in Siberia or northern Canada. The group of geese featured in the video embedded on this page hang out during the winter months in Ridgecrest, California, located in the northern Mojave Desert near the southern portion of the Sierra Nevada Range and can be seen waddling around the park there most every day from late November to sometime in January or February. Being vegetarians and preferring grass, snow geese are quite comfortable grazing in the park during the winter. Besides grass, they are also known to dine on rushes, sedges, horsetails, willows, forbs, and shrubs. They are known to eat all parts of most plants including roots and rhizomes. Interestingly the defecation rate of the geese is highest when they consume rhizomes due to the fact that they inadvertently wind up ingesting mud. The snow geese tend to be a little bit shy and retreat when approached by humans. They also like to honk a lot. In fact, it has been asserted that snow geese are possibly the noisiest of all waterfowl.


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Loitering in the park
Walking on the grass
The snow geese like to hang out
And they're gathering in mass

No vitriolic slogans
No protest signs
It's a peaceful kind of thing
They won't be payin' any fines

They're just geese without a mission
No agenda to pursue
They're just hangin' and a chillin'
They don't wanna bother you!

No complaints, no disorder
Not a foul word to be heard
Just a hanging in the park
Life is good if you're a bird

When you think of all the crazy
Rotten people running loose
It's not a bad thing to be
Silly as a goose!

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