Wild Weeds
Genetically Enhanced Organisms

      This is a bit of a goofball song which is meant to promote Genetically Enhanced Organisms, or GEO, for short. As the sixth book in the Black Turtle series, GEO continues the story of the adventures of a group of boys who live in the small town of Liberty, located somewhere in the desert southwest region of the USA. In this particular book, the boys must deal with an unreasonable physical education coach, conniving peers, and a local pastor who is obsessed with having a winning youth football team. On top of that, the main characters are involved in an online video contest and work hard to produce videos that have a chance of winning the competition. In fact, it's fair to say that competition is one of the main themes that gets dealt with in the book. As for the video promoting the book, well, it's only a minute long and so you might as well watch it and decide for yourself if false dichotomies are fun or not!


Watch video on this page at YouTube!

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False dichotomies are kinda fun
In fact, they're kinda neat
You can buy this book I wrote
Or some book about sexy feet

Compared to books claiming UFOs are real
This book is a pretty good deal

There are books about bananas, books about drugs
And books about religious schisms
Do yourself a favor and order a copy of
Genetically Enhanced Organisms!

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