Wild Weeds
A Ghost Of A Chance

      The typical cartoon ghost is pretty silly looking. Usually they are just white and rounded and they don't look very scary. However, in horror movies there is more variety when it comes to ghosts and a whole bunch of specialized terms are used in reference to them including poltergeist, apparition, zombie, specter, phantasm, and spook. While cartoon ghosts are often friendly or playful, ghosts in horror movies can be extremely malevolent. They always seem to have some kind of grudge against the living and they engage in all sorts of behaviors intended to drive humans crazy. There are even some horror movie ghosts who cause physical harm and even death to the characters in these movies. Occasionally there is a movie in which a friendly ghost is featured, but these are most definitely not typical of the horror movie genre. Not surprisingly, ghost costumes are popular on Halloween Day and it is not uncommon to see people, especially children, wearing such costumes as part of the annual celebration of All Hallows' Eve.


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You can't see a ghost by definition
Even if you know its exact position
Some might insist it's just superstition
But on Halloween Day, it's a fun tradition

Fed a ghost, call a ghost, hear a ghost, see a ghost
Shoot a ghost, draw a ghost, touch a ghost, be a ghost

It may seem a bit strange at first glance
Depending on your precise circumstance
But while in the grips of a hypnotic trance
You do not stand a ghost of a chance

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