Wild Weeds
The Ghost Of McCain

      It didn't take long to realize that Kamala Harris makes Sarah Palin look like some kind of a genius. It seems that Biden failed to consider what happened to John McCain back in 2008. When you pick a ditz as a running mate you do not help your chances of winning an election. It's important to pick a highly qualified and respectable running mate, otherwise people don't take you seriously and they begin to question your judgment. There are several issues with picking an unqualified running mate, but probably the biggest is the possibility that the person could become president if the elected president passes away before the end of his term. The idea of a total ditz serving as president is not at all pleasant and so most people are not willing to take a chance on a candidate who selects a ditz as a running mate. This lesson should have been learned back in 2008, but apparently either Joe Biden or the person running his campaign failed to consider the impact of selecting an unqualified running mate.


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The ghost of McCain
Might have something to say
About little mistakes
That get in the way

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