Wild Weeds

      Glue is undeniably useful. Whether used in the process of building something or for the purpose of repairing something, it often comes in handy. In fact, some would consider it to be indispensable. There seems to be no end to its potential uses. Whether repairing a wooden gate or a fastener on a wrist GPS unit (both shown in the video), glue provides a quick and easy way to get the job done. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to list dozens of ways that glue can be put to good use. You name it, glue can almost certainly be used to fix it! Whether you're a home hobbiest, a do-it-yourself handiman, or a seasoned professional repairman, glue is probably in your cabinet, drawer, toolbox, or arsenal. Glue is so darn useful that it's about time that a National Glue Day be declared. Any suggestions for the perfect day on which to honor glue?


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When I think of all the things
That people do with glue
It puts a lump in my throat
And I shed a tear or two

It hold all sorts
Things together
It stands up to wind
And inclement weather

My heart is filled of respect
And appreciation
For the job that glue does
In this and every nation

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