Wild Weeds
Petroglyphs or Graffiti?

      Most of us who get out and explore the backcountry have an appreciation for both the natural and the human history of the areas we visit. However, the person portrayed in this song considers petroglyphs to be more or less a form of graffiti. He also considers items, which most of us think of as relics or artifacts, to be nothing more than trash and debris. To make matters worse he believes that wildflowers are nothing more than weeds! Although, technically, he does have a point, I am quite comfortable disagreeing with this point of view! On top of that, it is extremely unlikely that someone with this attitude would be likely to visit a wilderness area in the first place, which, of course, makes it unlikely that anyone would ever verbalize the opinions expressed in this song!


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I hate to be negative
I hate to complain
But this trash and debris
Is driving me insane!

Rusty old cans layin' on the ground
And what's up with these freaking weeds all around?

Old abandoned huts
Seeds in my socks
And some jerk even carved
Graffiti on the rocks!

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