Wild Weeds
The Perfect Halloween Costume

      Any one who saw the "Craters Of The Moon" skit in which Kamala Harris talked to a group of middle school aged kids as if they were preschoolers will realize that a new standard was set for cringiness. She has joined the ranks of Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Hillary Clinton in terms of being simultaneously unlikable, unpleasant to look at, and cringeworthy. Few people are as awkward, unintelligent, and unqualified as Kamala Harris. In fact, she has established a new low watermark in terms of unworthiness to serve as Vice President. Even Sarah Palin is more qualified to serve in that capacity. It's simply mind-boggling to realize that someone like Kamala Harris is curently Vice President of the United States of America. This is truly an embarrassing time to be an American. People from all around the world must look at our country and collectively gasp WTF in disgust!


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She's the camel queen
If ya know what I mean
It's the perfect thing
For Halloween

Extremely dumb and cringey too
She makes Joe Biden look like he's cool

She's the ugliest thing
You've ever seen
It's the perfect thing
For Halloween

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