Wild Weeds
Hanging Around

      If there's one movie subgenre which deserves to be more fully developed, it's Christmas Horror Movies! Although there certainly are several selections which fit into this category, there's always room for more. A huge amount of untapped potential exists and with a list of characters ranging from elves, religious figures, and cute animals to ghosts, bearded old men, and snowmen which come to life, there is no end to the interesting and diabolical plots which can be generated. The video embedded on this page portrays a story about Christmas decorations which come to life and wreak terror on the family responsible for their uncomfortable situation. Sick and tired of just hanging from a tree, they rappel down from the tree and commence to carry out their vicious attack in order to satisfy their desire for revenge against those responsible for the unbearable circumstances they were doomed to endure.


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It's Christmas time
The tree's been crowned
And us decorations are just
Hanging around!

We're decorations hanging in a tree
We get no respect or dignity

The gifts are piled
In a little mound
And us decorations are just
Hanging around!

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