Wild Weeds
Happy Flowers

      Gardening is a lot more complicated than it at first seems. There's more to it than just plopping some plants into the ground, watering them, and hoping that they stay alive. Gardening in the desert is even more difficult and careful plant selection is required in order to put together a successful garden. Many plants can survive part of the year here in the northern Mojave Desert, where summer high temperatures can hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit and the winter lows can drop to about ten. For this reason it's necessary to do a little research before deciding what plants to purchase at the nursery. Other factors to consider include how to deal with various pests, where to locate a plant so that it gets the proper amount of sun, and what measures need to be taken to provide for the varying nutritional and water needs of different plants.


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At first it was just dirt
Of poor fertility
But all that changed
Thanks to this simple recipe

Noxious weeds must be eliminated
The soil filled with food for plants
Cultivated and irrigated
To make their leaves and flowers dance

With luck your work will bring
When all is said and done
A fresh and sweet reward
Happy flowers in the sun

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