Wild Weeds
Everybody Hates You

      It often seems that there are more people who hate certain celebrities than who admire them. At first this seems counterintuitive, but upon further reflection it seems highly probable that even the most widely adored celebrity is likely to be admired by only a segment of society. For instance, it is almost certainly the case that less than two percent of the overall population consider themselves to be fans of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Kanye West. Applying simple arithmetic, it becomes obvious that it is quite possible that the number of people who dislike these individuals is far greater than their actual fanbase. Further, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the vast majority of the population doesn't care about these individuals, but most likely does grow tired of hearing their names!


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Everybody hates you
There's something about you

I can't stand to see your face
The ugliness is more than I can take
And although it should be obvious
You're so slow to realize that

Everybody hates you
There's something about you

Hate is a word that's far too nice
It fails to capture the extreme
Revulsion and disgust your presence brings
And so it should be no surprise that

Everybody hates you
There's something about you

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