Wild Weeds
Haters Gonna Say It's Fake

      Video and image editing software have facilitated the process of bending reality in order to cause the impossible or improbable to appear to be real. Whether it's the head of an out-of-shape guy grafted in an image onto the body of a muscular athlete or an impossible trick shot edited so that it appears that the shot was successfully made, it's the case that you can't always trust what you see in videos and images. Skepticism regarding such images and videos has caused people to doubt even legitimate depictions, resulting in the "Haters Gonna Say It's Fake" meme. Comedians have taken advantage of this meme and created compilations of obviously fake stunts. Others have created ridiculously fake parodies of videos showing fake trick shots and fake stunts. Ultimately trick shots and stunts are just antics meant to entertain and so it doesn't really matter if they're phony or not. In fact, speculating about how they could be faked adds to the fun!


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Amazing shots are a dime a dozen
And epic stunts don't impress
You can video capture the entire thing
They'll doubt you nonetheless

You could swing from tree to tree
Or swim across a lake
It doesn't matter what proof you have
Haters gonna say it's fake

Practice forever to get it right
Do it perfect on the first take
Even if it's shown on a TV news show
Haters gonna say it's fake

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