Wild Weeds
All American Hero

      The roller coaster of life is full of many ups and downs. Sometimes people get lucky and sometimes people are unlucky. Often success in life is inexplicable and other times it is earned through hard work. When it comes to online entertainment, there's no denying that the phrase "Money Talks, Quality Walks" applies and pretty much explains almost all of the top channels on video sharing sites such as YouTube. Many of these channels seem to cater to people of very low intelligence and that's all well and fine except that the spectacle created distracts many people with potential and as a result many waste time that could have otherwise been spent on more productive pursuits. It's a sad state of affairs, but that's where we're at for now. The example presented in this video is particularly disturbing as it involves the exploitation of a young child by a promintent YouTuber. It also involves a phenomenon known as "flexing" which is basically just an airhead boasting about how much money he or she has and pretending that having lots of money somehow makes up for woefully obvious inadequacies.


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He's gotta lotta fans and he's
Dumber than a cockroach
But dissin' on insects is so uncool
His channel on YouTube makes him
Lotsa money, but the content
he creates is so stupid it's not funny!

Hopeless and pathetic
But what can you do?
There's no cure known
For a low IQ!

He has a girlfriend who says
She went to Harvard, but
Where the heck that is she has no clue
He's the hero of the mindless
He's useless YouTube garbage, dysfunctional, and
Also known as Lil Jakey-poo

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