Wild Weeds

      Long winter naps are a natural part of the lives of many animals and desert tortoises are no exception to this rule. Desert tortoises generally stay underground from November to March. In fact, they are said to spend ninety-five percent of their lives in their burrows. During the summer they must escape the intense desert heat and during the winter they need to protect themselves from freezing temperatures. This leaves the spring and the fall as times when they are more likely to be seen outside their holes. Tortoises are most active after rains and during times when there are plenty of plants for them to munch on. Otherwise, they live a decidedly subterranean existence. For people who own tortoises as pets it's important to realize the importance of hibernation and to provide a nice cool place for their pets since the tortoise will not achieve metabolic hibernation if it is in a location which is not sufficiently cool. Proper preparation for hibernation is also important and those who own tortoises should become aware of what they need to do to ensure that their pet has a safe and healthy hibernation period.


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It's a long cold winter
No need to stay awake
I'll just crawl into a hole
And snores and dreams I'll make

Long winter's sleep
In my hole so deep

Although it may be winter
I'll be cozy and snug
Cuz I'm safe and sound
In this hole that I dug

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