Wild Weeds

      Everybody needs a little exercise and hiking in wilderness areas is one of the best ways to get it! Of course, not everybody lives near a wilderness area, but whenever possible it's a good idea to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature while simultaneously getting some needed exercise. Some people prefer hiking in mountains, some prefer the desert, and some might enjoy beaches, but regardless of the setting it's important to get out and engage in some health-promoting physical activity. Of course, it's important to be prepared with proper equipment, plenty of water, and other essential items. You never know what you'll encounter while in a wilderness area and so it's important to plan accordingly, but assuming that you're properly prepared for whatever comes your way, all you need to do is start putting one foot in front of the other and start walking and accummulating those miles (or kilometers for those of you who think metrically).


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Every single weekend
I go out and hike
Even when it's raining
I still go out and hike
Way up in the mountains
Or the desert if I like


Burrs stuck in my ankles
Blisters on my feet
Frostbite from the cold
Or dehydrated by the heat
Eaten by a bear
But I still think that it's neat


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