Wild Weeds
Hope You Like My Valentine

      Valentine's Day is all about love, but some would assert that hate deserves equal time. So, do we set aside another day for hate or can both love and hate share a single day? Or maybe we should just ignore the reality of hate and pretend that it does not exist. After all, it is a negative emotion and many insist that we should strive to purge negative energy from our existence. But is that a realistic goal to work towards? For that matter, is it even healthy to try to stop negative thoughts and feelings from occurring? The answers to such questions may seem clear to some, but there are many people for whom the answers are not so simple. Life is complicated and although we often work hard to keep things simple, there are many things about life which are inconveniently complex. So, some may decide to celibrate the hate and other may choose to do all they can to suppress and eliminate such impulses from their lives. What do you think? Is hate great? Or is it something closer to the root of all evil?

Valentine's Day Turtle


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This world is full of people
And some of them are nice
Some of them are full of sugar and spice
But what you are full of
I really shouldn't say
But I flush some down the toilet every single day!

I made it just for you with loving care
Hope you like my valentine!
It will hold all my love with room to spare
Hope you like my valentine!

Your eyes are like coal
Your breath smells like a fish
For you to drop dead I could only wish
A gift fit for you
Would have to be rotten
The stupid things you do cannot be forgotten!

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