Wild Weeds
Shenanigans and Horseplay

      South Park fans undoubtedly recall the episode in which Kyle declares SHENANIGANS! on the crooked carnival carny. Not that Robert Mueller bears any resemblance to a carnival carny, but it does seem that he might be a little bit crooked. Recent indictments against twelve Russians for the DNC hack undoubtedly has the true leaker either laughing or feeling lots of relief, assuming, of course, that the leaker is still alive. Donald Trump's theory that a 400-pound hacker might be responsible for the DNC leak seems much more plausible than the assertion that it was state-sponsored Russian hackers. So many of the details regarding the leak suggest that it was someone with few resources who was responsible. It hardly seems like something a sophisticated group of hackers perpetrated. Rather, the details are consistent with the theory that it was an inside leak or that it was an attack carried out by an inexperienced hacker or small group of novices.


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I'm the one who really did it
Why should the Russians get all the credit?

Stuck here in my basement room
On the Internet all day long
Hacking people 'round the world
Don't care if it's wrong

The server at the DNC was
Claims against the Russians are
Made of pure manure

I'm the one who really did it
Why should the Russians get all the credit?

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