Wild Weeds

      The garden hose is a very useful tool and for those of us who have not yet installed an irrigation system, the garden hose is the most efficient way of watering plants in our yards. There are localities where irrigation isn't necessary, but out here in the desert supplemental water is an absolute necessity for most plants. While it is true that the garden hose is very useful, there are some aspects of using the garden hose which are more than just a little bit annoying. Most obvious is the fact that watering by hand is exceedingly time-consuming and although using the garden hose is more efficient than watering using buckets, it easily takes at least half hour to water the typical yard. However, even more aggravating is the tendency of garden hoses to kink. Despite the fact that many garden hoses are supposed to be kink free or kink resistant, I have yet to find a hose that is truly kink proof. On top of that, those of us who water by hand must hire someone to water for us while we are out of town for more than a day or two. So, despite the fact that the garden hose is a useful tool, their use is inconvenient enough to warrant the installation of an irrigation system, especially in arid areas where watering must be done consistently and frequently.


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Hoses can be trouble a cause of great frustration
They do things they ought not to, endless consternation
They kink and they get twisted or maybe spring a leak
They make you lose your temper and say words you should not speak

Hoses are so, hoses are so, hoses are so bad
An awful tangled mess bound to drive you mad
No way around the problem that's guaranteed to work
They'll kink and twist and tangle until you go berserk

Although their job is easy they find a way to fail
But still they are much better than watering by pail
Tubing that delivers a constant even flow
They mostly get the water to the spot it needs to go

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