Wild Weeds

The Hungry Snake

      As might be expected, there are lots of snakes which live in the northern Mojave Desert and some of them find their way into my backyard from time to time. So far I've only seen coachwhips and gopher snakes anywhere near my house, but there are plenty of rattlesnakes in the general area and so I always keep my eyes and ears open, just in case. I've seen the snake in this video on multiple occasions and I'm not sure if it is hunting lizards in my backyard or if it just likes to stop by every now and then and get a drink from the water bowl I leave out on my patio!


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The hungry snake, it slithers through the backyard
Looking for a rat or a mouse
And though it may wish to go inside
It cannot enter the house

It slithers by the plants and the rocks
Hunting for a little snack
And when it finds the backyard empty
It's time to leave through a crack

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