Wild Weeds

      Many ideas which are perfectly reasonable ideas are best kept to oneself nowadays. A person can get in a lot of trouble for expressing ideas which are not approved of by those in positions of power. If you say the right things, the gates are open and you can talk all you want and what you say may even be rewarded in various ways. However, say things which the gatekeepers don't want to hear and you're in for a world of hurt. As a result of this process of approving certain ideas and opinions and disapproving of others, a large portion of the population has been trained by the gatekeepers as to what they are allowed to believe and think and what they are not allowed to believe and think. Thus those who share unacceptable opinions or ideas may wind up being censored through formal or informal means. Whether it's the loss of a job, disapproval of peers, promotion of a posting on a video sharing or social networking site, or being accused of being inappropriate, freedom of speech has been squelched and the range of acceptable discourse narrowed through what appears to be an intentional process of information control.


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Trigger warnings everywhere
It's impossible not to offend
Someone's gonna read into your words
Something that you'll have to defend

It's inappropriate

Picky people looking for
A cheap excuse to complain
It's like victimhood or a cheap imitation
Is the status that they wish to attain

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