Wild Weeds
Instant Truth (Dirty Little Liars)

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The day on which I met him
He said his name was Lou
And when it came to stories
He told quite a few
If selling was his passion
Then lying was his game
I 'spect he'll wind up one day
In the Liar's Hall of Fame

   If instant truth is what you're looking for
   Then tell a lie and then tell some more
   Sometimes he'd tell one just for fun
   He'd sell a lie to anyone!

More artful than compulsive
Lou was really good
He'd rather lie than tell the truth
Anytime he could
The truth is inconvenient
The truth ain't any fun
If everybody told the truth
We'd never get things done

Dirty little liars
And dirty little lies
The ones that lie really good
Are hardly recognized
The liars that lie the best
Don't get themselves confused
Good liars keep their stories straight
And keep track of the clues

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