Wild Weeds

      Often it is best to mind one's own business. Interventions are sometimes looked at as a proactive way to respond to what may be perceived as a problem, but more often than not interventions are reactive intrusions which actually make the situation worse. In most cases the unintended consequences of an intervention are far worse than the problem that provoked (or excused) the intervention in the first place. Such is the case for the war on drugs, the invasion of Iraq, zero tolerance policies, or even the current campaign to eliminate bullying from the workplace and in educational settings. Whether we are talking about lives ruined as a result of gratuitous incarceration, innocent lives lost as a result of needless military invasions, or the massive assault on basic personal freedoms and civil rights perpetrated by those who want to force people to behave in accordance to their shallow virtues, interventions are at best a dumb idea that should be ignored in almost every case.


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Partial truths and exaggerated claims
Searching for someone to blame
I don't wanna hear about your obsessions
I'm sick and tired of interventions

Addicted to your hyper-vigilence
Emotional appeals replaced common sense
You may have the best of intentions
But the road to hell is paved with your iterventions

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