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Anger Issues

      There seems to be a rehab program for most everything nowadays. There are rehab programs for drug addiction, eating disorders, relationship issues, spousal abuse, and the list goes on and on and on. And so it stands to reason that there most likely is some kind of rehab program for people who have anger issues, but there are lots of inexpensive alternatives! Some people like to hit stuffed toy animals with baseball bats and other people like to break pencils, but the best way to relieve those feelings of anger is to take it out on Justin Bieber! Just sign on to YouTube, find a Justin Bieber video, and leave a mean, nasty, or otherwise, gratiutously insulting comment. That's what celebrities (especially teen pop stars) are for, right? Instant anger relief! You'll feel so much better!!! LULZ


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Lots of us have anger issues
Don't even waste another box of tissues
Try to find a way to be productive
There's no need to be at all destructive

Don't throw the phone
Don't beat up the cat
Don't hit stuffed penguins with a baseball bat
Just make mean comments about Justin Beaver instead!

(Hey that's what he's there for!)

Life can get your blood a boiling
And people can be so annoying
Never ending agitation
Just more and more frustration

Everyone has days that suck
Where you just don't give a dying duck
So take your anger out on Justin Beaver instead!

(Do it now! You'll feel way better! Believe me!)

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