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      It may be politically correct to use the term custodian instead of janitor, but when it comes right down to it, the two terms have the same meaning. Both refer to a person who cleans and maintains a building or set of buildings, such as a school, for instance. In fact, most people probably first become aware of the terms while they are children attending a school and realize the job has to do with maintenance and cleaning of school grounds and buildings. Whether it's sweeping the sidewalk, cleaning student desks, raking leaves, trimming plants, vacuuming classrooms, tidying up the cafeteria after lunch, or any of the other chores that must be done to keep school grounds neat, clean, organized, and in good repair, the janitor is the one who is most likely to perform the actual labor. Although many people may look at such work as low status and menial, teachers, in particular, realize the importance of such work, and students are the primary beneficiaries in a school setting. So, regardless of what word is used for the job, the work that individuals performing the job do is important work.


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Cuz he's a janitor

He mops floors and pushes brooms
He empties trash and vacuums the rooms
He does the jobs that have to get done
He carries loads that weigh a ton

He gets to ride around in a cart
He cleans up messes made during art
He's the hero of all the kids at school
He's gotta box filled with every tool

Cleaning all the rooms and sweeping the hallways
Mowing the grass and trimming trees
Cleaning up messes, fixing clogged toilets
Picking up trash and raking leaves

He's gotta workshop and tons of supplies
He's got muscles of enormous size
When something's broken or in the way
He's the guy who saves the day!

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