Wild Weeds

      Halloween 2020 might be a little less fun this year, but with the elections just days later it will be scarier than ever! The Kamel Queen costume may not actually exist, but the mere thought of it sends shivers up and down the spine of anyone who contemplates the possibility. That such a hideous beast could possibly rise up and become the leader of the free world seems completely self-contradictory. The free world would cease to exist if this creature were to take over the reigns of power. Should Trump lose the election the only thing standing between freedom and communism would be a single senile man who might not live long enough to complete his term in office. There would be nothing to stop the Kamel Queen if such a ghastly scenario were to play out. Truly a terrifying thought surpassing the usual horror experienced during Halloween!


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It's the scariest costume
You'll see this year
For a Halloween
Full of fear

Kamel Queen
Kamel Queen
The scariest costume
You've ever seen

Imagine a kamel
With a hideous face
It's a total disaster
And a disgrace

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